What is VPNinja?


VPNinja is a virtual private network service that allows users to bypass corporate/government firewalls, creating anonymous access to the entire Internet.



VPNinja un-blocks websites, email & other awesome web-based services.

There are nefarious overlords out there who want to control your internet, censoring what you read & what you watch - blocking sites as they please.  VPNinja helps you avoid firewalls and surf the entire internet.



VPNinja supports 2 connections at the same time.

While most VPN services only support one device connection at a time. VPNinja supports 2 simultaneous connections - so if you want to be generous and let a friend or family member use your second connection, we're all for it.



VPNinja is fast - really fast - up to 10 times faster than the competition.

Our VPN solution uses dedicated bandwidth for each user so our users don't have to struggle with a slow connection.  It's VPNinja-fied. Stream music, videos, play games, & surf the net with reckless abandon.




Our OpenVPNinja service is extra sneaky & stealthy.

OpenVPN is a special type of VPN connection fully supported by VPNinja. The OpenVPNinja service looks just like regular encrypted web traffic to firewalls - giving you access to the whole internet.




VPNinja's servers connect to multiple locations around the globe.

Some users want to use country-specific media streaming services such as Hulu (US) or BBC (UK) player. VPNinja servers are hidden deep in mountain lairs in these countries, ensuring access to these local services.



We are caring Ninjas

The core staff at VPNinja are, in fact, VPNinjas ourselves. We surf the whole internet ALL THE TIME. As a result, if you have problems, we make it our problem.  And then we give the problem a round-house kick-to-the-face.